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Waza88 Unveils Empowering New Single “Wizard”


Christian Hip-hop Rap has a compelling new addition with Waza88’s latest single, “Wizard.” In this track, Waza88 explores the concept of being a ‘wizard’ in a spiritual sense, drawing parallels between the power of prayer and the remarkable outcomes it can yield. The song resonates with the message of how Christians can attain blessings through prayer, delivering a powerful and uplifting narrative.

What sets “Wizard” apart is not only Waza88’s poignant lyrics but also his remarkable skill as a sound engineer and producer, having crafted the beat himself. This single marks a significant shift in Waza88’s musical journey, as he embraces his faith and infuses his music with positive, Christian messages. It’s a testament to his evolution as an artist, demonstrating a departure from his past styles towards a more faith-centered approach.

With “Wizard,” Waza88 extends a heartfelt invitation for listeners to experience the transformative power of prayer and the joy of his renewed path with Christ. It’s a captivating testament to his personal and artistic growth, and a compelling addition to the Christian Hip-hop Rap genre.

Osafo Daniel
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