‘My fans Named me the Queen of Ghana Music’ – Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay
Wendy Shay

Ghanaian singer Wendy Asiamah Addo, known by the stage name Wendy Shay has clarified her claim that she is the queen of Ghana music.

According to her, everyone is a queen, and calling herself one should not bother anyone. Three years after her debut, Wendy Shay made news when she said on social media that she was the queen of Ghana music. She continued by saying that, other than Beyonce, she cannot be compared to any other female performer in the business.

Many people believed Wendy Shay’s claim dismissed their efforts and industry experience, therefore they took issue with it. Wendy Shay defended herself by saying that the title belonged to her admirers. She also said that the purpose of her post was to recognize it. She was therefore innocent.

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First of all, the Queen of Ghana Music was a title my fans gave me. And who does like good things? They gave me that title, and I was like, if they see me as the queen of Ghana music, I will take it. That right there was to confirm the fact that, yeah, I have accepted that title because my fans gave it to me,” she told 3Music.

Wendy Shay added that everyone is entitled to whatever they choose to call themselves. She pointed out that she was talking about herself, so others may do the same if they want to.

I feel everybody is entitled to call whatever they want to call themselves. I think as for giving ourselves a title, everybody is entitled to do so. And I feel everybody is a queen. Other female artistes are all queens. But I was talking about myself, so they can also call themselves queens. I never mentioned anyone’s name. I was just making a statement and affirming the fact that my fans have given me that title,” she concluded.