We’re being taxed for so many things utility bills, where does the money go? – Joselyn Dumas joins ‘anti-e-levy’ campaign


Many people have stood against the Electronic Transaction levy (E-levy) controversy, including Shatta Wale, Sarkodie, Diana Hamilton and others. Ghanaian actress, Joselyn Dumas, has added her voice to calls against the proposed 1.75% E-levy Bill on all electronic transactions across the country.

We’re being taxed for so many things. Joselyn Dumas
Joselyn Dumas

According to her We’re being taxed for so many things utility bills, including Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), goods and services. Yet, the country is still in deep debt. She also does not see the need for the E-levy in these difficult times as she questioned the government on what they use our taxes for.

Joselyn Dumas tweeted, “We’re being taxed for so many things utility bills, goods and services, company operations (GRA) etc… So, where does the money go? Yet we owe. Then the #E-levy?… in such obviously hard times?

However, the Minority in Parliament believes that the levy will hurt the economy and make life more unbearable for citizens. As a result of this, the Youth Wing of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) led a demonstration on the streets of Accra on Thursday, to protest the passage of the Electronic Transactions Levy (E-levy) being pushed for by government.

The protestors also registered their displeasure against the government’s inability to resolve the ongoing University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) strike action that has lasted for about a month.


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