Wole Awolola Releases “Shout for Joy” with Diana Hamailton

Shout For Joy

Wole Awolola has recently unveiled a captivating Gospel Amapiano track titled “Shout for Joy” featuring Ghanaian Gospel sensation Diana Hamilton. This release marks a significant milestone as the first of the new year 2024, exuding energy, positivity, and a joyful aura of gratitude and celebration.

Following his debut Afrobeats track “IYANU” in 2021 and the RnB cover of the popular worship song “Goodness of God” in 2023, Wole Awolola continues to push boundaries by venturing into uncharted territory with the release of “Shout for Joy.” This track represents a fusion of Gospel themes and the vibrant, dance-inducing rhythms of Amapiano, creating a unique and uplifting musical experience.

Notably, “Shout for Joy” features the remarkable UK Ghanaian gospel great, Diana Hamilton, whose contribution adds color and flair to the mix, enhancing the track’s celebratory and spiritually enriching essence.

Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant fusion of Gospel and Amapiano presented in “Shout for Joy,” experiencing the infectious energy and uplifting message conveyed through Wole Awolola’s collaboration with Diana Hamilton.

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