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Yaw Releases Captivating Afrobeats Single “3ny3 mi sa”


Ghanaian UK-based artist Yaw has recently released a new Afrobeats single titled “3ny3 mi sa.” The song tells the story of a girl who initially didn’t value Yaw’s worth, but as he started achieving success, particularly in music, she suddenly wants to backtrack. Yaw expresses his response to her actions, telling her “3ny3 mi sa,” which translates to “don’t do me like that” in his native language, Twi.

Yaw, pronounced Ya-ow, is a diverse and versatile artist and producer who pours his emotions into his craft to connect with every listener. His musical journey began in the church, where he was exposed to the keyboard at a young age through his father’s ministry. Yaw vividly remembers being introduced to Logic Pro during those early lessons, igniting a lifelong passion for music. With a grandmother who was a prominent gospel singer and an uncle who followed in her footsteps, Yaw’s family has deep musical roots.

Yaw 3Ny3 Mi Sa
Yaw 3ny3 mi sa artwork

Growing up, Yaw found inspiration in artists like Kanye West, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Soulja Boy, who had a significant impact on his creative journey. As a teenager, he was influenced by the fusion-style of artists such as Kanye West, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Future, Wizkid, and Chris Brown. Yaw’s music carries a distinct sound that evokes images of space and the galaxy, immersing the listener in a unique sonic experience.

Through his music, Yaw aims to touch the hearts of his audience, infusing his songs with genuine emotion and creativity. With his latest single, “3ny3 mi sa,” he showcases his talent as an artist and producer, bringing his experiences and cultural background to the forefront of his music.

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