Yaw Steez Shares Modern Afro Swing Track “Player Mode”

Yaw Steez - Player Mode
yaw steez - Player Mode

Ghanaian musician Yaw Steez has dropped his latest Afro Swing creation, titled “Player Mode.” The song seamlessly blends vintage vibes with a contemporary Afro swing sound, creating a unique and engaging musical experience.

Officially launching his music career in 2017 under the stage name STEEZI, Yaw Steez decided to embrace his original name, Michael Yaw Asare Donkor, as he entered the next phase of his musical journey. Influenced by a diverse range of genres, including Hi-Life, Rap, RnB, and Afro beats, Yaw Steez brings a rich and versatile sound to the music scene.

“Player Mode” is a testament to Yaw Steez’s musical evolution, showcasing his ability to merge classic elements with modern Afro swing. The song invites listeners on a journey through time, offering a refreshing take on the genre.