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Yen Za At ‘Meet Me There’ And ‘Special Offer Plaza’ Kumasi

Yen Za
Yen Za

With multiple collections and selections of music spanning decades and ages, Yen Za comes across as one of the shows and spaces to lookout for this Easter.

From the UK to Ghana and London to Kumasi to be precise. ‘Yen Za’ will touch base and kick entertainment into motion at ‘Meet Me There’ in Amanfuom on Easter Saturday 8th of April 2023 and Sunday 9th  at ‘Special  Offer Plaza Owhim in Kumasi.

Bringing a different kind of excitement and feelings to the revellers and party enthusiasts who will party at the aforementioned places in Kumasi come Easter 2023. Taking its revellers on nostalgic moments in life, one will not like to give this one a miss, this Easter. ‘Let’s Dance’ is a radio show in London turned into ‘A Road Show’ as ‘Yen Za’ which is slang. This show combines DJs from abroad and some from Ghana on one platform as they make revellers dance along to multiple genres of music.

From the air to the ground ‘Yen Za’ comes to town in order to give some DJs the platform and space to exhibit their talents as well as meeting some of their fans in a dancing environment.

From one entertainment spot to the other ‘Yen Za’ moves to fulfil its pledge of playing in four locations, all for free said:” Miss Felange, one of the organizers. Sharing his delight while awaiting the show DJ Shatta of ‘Special Offer Plaza’  said: “ My parents always support anything that I do at my venue, so when I told them of this entertainment show coming to us from Europe, they were equally happy as well.”

Yen Za is arguably a show and a platform that also allows an unknown DJ to be seen, heard and known. This is because other shows or events mostly go for experienced DJs as their main backdrop.

But Yen Za, is more about the DJ and his music selections with respect to the show’s guidelines. This is also the platform that allows DJs to be themselves. Because most DJs who play on radio stations and other pubs are not arguably allowed to play whatever they like, but to follow in-house production rules where radio is concerned and ‘genre policies’ where some pubs are concerned.

This show is mainly for DJs as a Stand-Alone-Artist, not backing any musician whatsoever, where ‘the DJ’ becomes, for once, the main act of the show.