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Yetti Tabai Unleashes New EP “Smoke and Mirrors”

Yetti Tabai
Yetti Tabai

British singer-songwriter Yetti Tabai is making waves in the Afrobeats scene with the release of her latest EP, “Smoke and Mirrors.”

This dynamic compilation, showcasing hits like ‘Labu Labu’ and ‘Eruku’ (Smoke & Mirror), is a testament to Yetti’s musical prowess and storytelling finesse. Eruku is the signature single for the Smoke n Mirrors EP.

“Eruku Diigi” means Smoke and Mirrors in Yoruba, and it’s a metaphor for the nature of sneaky relationships. Where a partner believes they can win over your heart with money. Eruku was written as a response to Rema’s song “Charm” Where he speaks about a small girl, with whom he has more money than her father. Yetti responds to his lyrics in the second verse of Eruku, educating the audience that her love and body is not for sale.

Smoke And Mirrors

The music video for Eruku is here and the end of the video has an explanation by Yetti of how the song came about.

Produced by the renowned Kanabeatz and Executive produced by Lekan Shobiyi of Ladafidi Music, “Smoke and Mirrors” offers a captivating blend of live instrumentation and mesmerizing vocals. Yetti Tabai’s journey from orphanhood in Lagos, Nigeria, to finding solace and expression through music amidst adversities in the UK, imbues her artistry with profound depth and authenticity.

Thematically rich, “Smoke and Mirrors” delves into the intricacies of family relationships, personal struggles, and the enduring flame of hope. Each track is a testament to Yetti’s ability to resonate with audiences on a profound level, offering a window into her soulful reflections.

From the pulsating rhythms of Afrobeats to the soul-stirring melodies of Afro RnB and the infectious energy of Afro EDM, “Smoke and Mirrors” transcends genres, seamlessly fitting into playlists ranging from Soul and Jazz to Uplifting and Inspirational. Yetti’s signature style, coined as “AFRO REALISM,” navigates diverse themes with finesse, delivering what she describes as nothing short of ‘GOOD MUSIC.’

“Smoke and Mirrors” EP is now available for streaming and download on all major platforms, marking its release on February 23rd. Prepare to be entranced, uplifted, and inspired by the musical tapestry woven by Yetti Tabai.