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Youlanda Burnett Releases Captivating New Song “Smooth & Sexy”

Youlanda Burnett

Youlanda Burnett, a talented songwriter with over 20 years of experience, has unveiled her latest single, “Smooth & Sexy.” Originally written as a country song, “Smooth & Sexy” showcases Burnett’s ability to challenge her songwriting skills by converting a song from one genre to another. With a captivating beat that perfectly complements the lyrics, Burnett believes this is her best song yet.

Driven by her passion for music and her desire to share her gifts with the world, Burnett aims to get exposure and write songs for herself as well as for other artists to perform. Throughout her journey as a songwriter, she has refused to confine herself to one lane, labeling herself a “musical misfit,” much like the misfits in Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer.

“Smooth & Sexy” is a heartfelt and captivating song that speaks to those in love, whether they are searching for it or waiting for it. It’s the perfect fall song to snuggle up to, allowing listeners to bask in the warmth and joy of love.

Burnett’s dedication to her craft and refusal to give up on her dreams have led her to hone her songwriting skills and create music that resonates with audiences. “Smooth & Sexy” is a testament to her growth and artistic evolution