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Young Onze Teams Up with Yng Sqidoo and Kwame Garsia for “Blood Money”

Young Onze
Young Onze

TBND front liner Kwabena Robert Asante known as Young Onze has joined forces with Bankye hitmaker Yng Sqidoo and Kwame Garsia for a new masterpiece dubbed “Blood Money”.

Blood Money simply explains most rumors we hear in society whenever they see a young guy living his dreams at an early age, especially from an average family. Production credit goes to Asebwoy.

While growing up in Akyem Hwakwae, Young Onze was exposed to a wide range of musical genres, but hip-hop resonated with him the most. Thanks to the influence of artists like Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Nas, he developed a deep appreciation for the importance of narrative as well as the power of music to evoke powerful feelings and unforgettable experiences.

Young Onze Blood Money Copy
Young onze blood money cover art

Young Onze decided to pursue his passion for music in 2018 and started developing his rap and songwriting abilities. He spent many hours honing his skills, continuously enhancing his delivery and lyrics.

His talent developed with each passing day, and he began to be acknowledged in the neighborhood music scene.

Young Onze frequently uses his songs to explore his self-discovery process, social challenges, and personal experiences. His followers enjoy listening to his songs because of his insightful content and enticing melodies. He wants to use his music to encourage others to persevere in the face of difficulty, follow their passions, and aim high.

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