You’re a Bad influence on Young Girls – Mr Beautiful to Afia Schwarzenegger

Mr Beautiful afia Schwarzenegger

During a heated argument, Mr Beautiful accused Afia Schwarzenegger and her cohorts of wrongful misrepresentation on social media. Which ultimately causes the youth to pick up these bad habits to their detriment.

Although Afia Schwarzenegger was the interim host of United Showbiz, she came under scrutiny when Mr Beautiful alleged that her behavior on social media borders on being toxic. Using her father’s funeral donation brouhaha as one of his reference points, Mr Beautiful pointed out that lying about receiving huge sums as donations cultivates a culture where young girls think exhibiting crass behavior would make them earn more money.

Mr. Beautiful said, “Afia, you are part of the problem. You people have hailed social media and turned it into a God. You create certain things that create problems in people’s relationships. You are among the culprits. The way you people are using social media, you are part of the reason girls have learnt those petty vices.

“Take a look at this video you made lying that the woman (chief of staff) has given you money. Did she give you money? She did not give you money. But you see, when the woman’s brother died, you, Afia, went to the funeral and donated. Did she send her condolences when your father died?”

Mr. Beautiful continued to caution Afia Schwarzenegger to desist from needless lies, but the latter did not seem pleased with his submission.

“So why do you use social media to create something. Were you looking to entice the woman for her money? Look at the way people are insulting you. The way you people are using social media, some young girls think social media can make them popular through immoral ways,” Mr. Beautiful voiced.

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