Zerrydl and Shallipopi Join Forces for the Explosive ‘Puff & Pass’ Remix

Zerrydl and Shallipopi
📸 @q_xtra / @starmovak

Zerrydl, the talented artist, newly signed to Plutomania Records, teams up with the indomitable Shallipopi for a scorching remix of ‘Puff & Pass.’ This dynamic collaboration comes on the heels of Shallipopi’s major announcement of establishing his own record label, Plutomania Records, which signifies a significant milestone in his flourishing career.

As the music scene continues to buzz with the news of Shallipopi’s record label launch, the vision for Plutomania Records is rapidly taking shape. The label has kicked off its journey with the signing of two promising acts from Edo State, the Sere hitmaker, Evil Beast, and Zerrydl, who is also Shallipopi’s blood brother.

📸 @q_xtra / @starmovak

Fresh off the heels of signing the record deal with Plutomania Records, Zerrydl wasted no time diving into his work. Responding swiftly to Shallipopi’s announcement, he embarked on a remarkable musical journey by collaborating with Shallipopi on the remix of his street anthem, ‘Puff & Pass.’ Originally released in July, this track first gained notoriety as a viral sensation on TikTok before transitioning to the streets, where it quickly became a popular hit.

With the added firepower of Shallipopi, the ‘Puff & Pass’ remix is poised to soar to new heights. This musical fusion reflects the collective energy, creativity, and extraordinary talents of both Zerrydl and Shallipopi, promising an auditory experience that is nothing short of explosive.

To complete the immersive ‘Puff & Pass’ remix experience, an official music video is in the works and is set to be unveiled in just a matter of hours. This visual accompaniment will take viewers on a mesmerizing journey, mirroring the vibrancy and energy of the song. It adds an extra layer of depth and engagement to the overall artistic experience.

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