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1HUM Unveils Inspiring Hip-Hop Single “Nowadays”

Rising hip-hop artist 1HUM has recently released his latest single, “Nowadays.” This captivating track features a light-hearted lo-fi beat, complemented by passionate and laid-back lyrics. Drawing inspiration from Kid Cudi’s “day n nite” and the career of Andre 3000, 1HUM takes listeners on a journey from his experiences of homelessness and hopelessness to overcoming life’s battles.

“Nowadays” captures the essence of 1HUM’s personal journey and growth as an artist. The song’s melodic and laid-back vibe, reminiscent of the “day n nite” era, creates a nostalgic atmosphere while infusing it with a modern twist. 1HUM’s introspective lyrics reflect his resilience and determination to rise above adversity.

As a beat surfer and green earner, 1HUM is on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the hip-hop scene. With over ten years of music-making experience, he is finally taking his craft seriously. Having been immersed in hip-hop culture throughout his life, 1HUM’s passion for the genre shines through in his music.

Osafo Daniel
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