Asakaa Boys claim their members do not smoke, They only sing about it

Asakaa Boys
Asakaa Boys

Members of the music group, Asakaa Boys have shot down claims that their songs have a negative impact on the youth.

Although they are mostly captured smoking or drinking what many believe is alcohol in their music video, they have argued that their songs only portray ‘life on the streets’.

Speaking in an interview on the Delay Show in April 2022, Kwaku DMC, Jay Bahd, City Boy and O’Kenneth intimated that their songs and lifestyle do not promote the use of drugs.

A leading member of the group, Kwaku DMC who claimed to have never smoked in his life mentioned that “At the end of the day, one can not cover things up when it comes to our generation. It is all about money, sex, drugs and other things so there is no need to hide it.

“We are not the first people to talk about these things n our songs. It is a fact, it is going on. We see people who do these things, it is a craft. It is the same as movies which are inspired by people’s life stories.”

City Boy also jumped to the defence of his brothers who have been wrongly judged by a section of the public.

According to him, smoking and all other social vices “Is an existing lifestyle and we are only talking about what we know in our songs…I don’t know about the rest of my team but Junior( Jay Bhad) and I come from the slams… Dichmenso, so you know it is a rough area.”

The Asakaa group under the ‘Kumerican’ movement have a tall list of African drill music to their credit.

Popular amongst them include ‘Akatafo’, ‘Condemn’, ‘Calling’ and ‘Agyeiwaa’.

The group made up of young talents added that they have managed to stay relevant in the music industry and taken their songs international despite the myriad of challenges.

Watch Delay’s  interview with The Asakaa Boys below:

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