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Stonebwoy Confident in Filling London’s O2 Arena

Stonebwoy At Rolling Cocoa FestivalStonebwoy at Rolling Cocoa festival

Ghanaian musician Stonebwoy has expressed confidence in his ability to attract a full house at London’s O2 Arena, which boasts a seating capacity of 22,000. Emphasizing the importance of successful promotion in filling grand venues like the O2 Arena, Stonebwoy highlighted his extensive experience performing at even larger venues internationally.

During an interview on Property FM in Cape Coast, Stonebwoy stated, “Stepping into the O2 Arena isn’t a daunting task for me; it’s all about setting the date and promoting the event effectively to ensure a large turnout.” He further mentioned his performances at venues such as Madison Square Garden and the World Cup stadium in Qatar, showcasing his familiarity with handling large-scale events.

Music executive Heavy D also expressed confidence in Stonebwoy’s ability to fill the O2 Arena, emphasizing the significance of effective promotion and marketing strategies for such endeavors. Stonebwoy’s track record of successful performances at international venues, including those with capacities exceeding 20,000, underlines his readiness for such grand stages.

Stonebwoy’s local event, ‘Ashaiman to the World’, known for its significant attendance, further underscores his familiarity with large audiences. His experience and success in handling diverse and sizable events position him as a formidable artist capable of drawing substantial crowds.

With his proven track record and international acclaim, Stonebwoy’s confidence in filling the O2 Arena reflects his readiness to take on such monumental stages and further solidifies his status as a prominent figure in the music industry.

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