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The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant In London Stands Tall Once Again

Gold Coast Bar &Amp; Restaurant

Having closed since January this year, the venue, which is arguably, home to a cross-section of the Ghanaian community, some Africans and other nationals, is open and back to the business of catering and entertaining its clientele.

As the African Union beckons its flagship anniversary celebrations of Africa Day, some think it may be the reason why the venue has been totally decked and transformed with the state-of-the-art deco.

But, one-half of the owners, Mr William Quagraine said: “Although we are all anticipating the joy and pomp that comes with the celebration of Africa Day, it was my wife Francesca and her team who took charge of the renovation and refurbishment to highlight the brand, hence the rebranding.”

In terms of relaxation, catering and hospitality The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant is touted by its fans as the nest that harbours a cross section of some Ghanaians and some diasporans. And when it comes to entertainment, the venue is where, some find their delight.

Speaking on Colourful Radio’s ‘Africa Day Breakfast Show’ he said: “What I think of Africa Day is that, as an African, anything African is my thing. In Terms of Africans in the diaspora, the African Food and the ‘African Happiness’.”

Boasting a clientele of Ghanaians, Nigerians, South Africans, the other countries they cater for, according to Mr William are: “Countries such Uganda, Kenya and many other African countries. The volume of our clientele cuts across Africa as a whole.”

As to whether plans are in place for the extension and establishment of the brand Gold Coast to other parts of Africa, Mr William did not answer in the affirmative saying: “Not yet, for now it’s just London and Accra to be precise. Because there are so many variables when tackling such a project. A reliable and responsible team to run the business and some other major factors.”

There will be a collaboration of some sort with ‘The Gold Coast Bar & Restaurant’, as Colourful Radio gathers momentum for next year’s Africa Day celebration. And to that, Mr William asserted: “That will be great and fantastic, we will be looking forward to next year’s Africa Day Celebration with Colourful Radio.”


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