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ISO Unveils “EGWU” Mastered by Eleven-Time Grammy Winner Harbey Marin

Iso Egwu ArtworkISO EGWU Artwork

Renowned artist ISO has captivated audiences with the release of his latest single, “EGWU,” featuring Determination World Wide. This spectacular fusion of three cultures and two continents is inspired by a combination of Latin and African rhythms, incorporating three languages and carrying a powerful message of peace in times of war. Masterfully structured and mastered by eleven-time Grammy winner Harbey Marin, “EGWU” is a never-before-seen masterpiece that instills in the listener a sense of greatness and a feeling of wanting to take over.

The intense tribal, afrobeat, and rhythmic patterns within “EGWU” evoke strong emotions, creating a harmonious melody that begins slowly, accelerates quickly, and culminates in an explosion of sounds. The carefully crafted lyrics leave a lasting impression, compelling the listener to crave more of this captivating musical experience.

ISO’s collaboration with Determination World Wide has resulted in a track that transcends boundaries, offering a unique blend of cultural influences and musical styles. “EGWU” is a testament to the power of music to unite and inspire, showcasing the artistry and creativity of these exceptional talents.

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